It is with amazement that I am able to type this, so bear with me!  Honestly, I am 38 years old and "my dad" did not become "my pastor" until May of this year.  Although I was born and raised in the church, I personally struggled with organized religion as I'm sure many others do.  However, in May, I was able to see the strength of my father and pastor under scrutiny, but as a result he stayed true to his convictions.  He was transparent, but never spoke a negative word.  I saw him remain steadfast to his ministry of serving people and did it unapologetically!  I saw my mother feel his deep pain and anchor him in a way that can only come from God.  The Spences serve and minster to all people regardless of personal variables, including but not limited to, if they could put money in the offering plate, where they lived, or even sexual orientation and semantics.  I believe churches get caught up in this when battling to lead souls to Christ.  His mission is to minister...not badger, not judge, but hold you accountable and let God do the rest.  I will tell you that my parents ministry is authentic.  They are called day and night but never hesitate to help.  There will never be a couple more dedicated to servant leadership than Pastor and Zenobia, who I lovingly also call "Dad" and "Mom!"  Through pain, perseverance, God's prodding, and faith, Ascension Fellowship is "ascending to be the people God has called them to be."

Latisha Spence-Brookens,

The ministry at Ascension has touched my life in so many ways.  Pastor Marvin G. Spence and First Lady Mrs. Zenobia Spence are true leaders who meet you where you are and guide you to God through sound Bible-based teaching.  They encouraged you to grow and reach the highest potential in your faith journey and support you every step of the way.  I don't know where I would be without them and Ascension.  I am so grateful and proud to be a member here.

Richard Strode, Jr.,