Black Men Worshipping (BMW)

Gathering of men with the purpose of edifying the body through personal and relational experiences.  Together men explore, nurture and pass on their skills through practical exercises which developed faith and strengthen fellowship inside and outside the Ascension faith community.

optimizedBible Study

Overcoming the midweek spiritual blues with topical community study. Each study is current to the prevailing news. The group reads the wide-ranging bible experiences in their historical context and under the direction of the Holy Spirit making them relative to today faith journey.

mowoptimizedMinistry of Women (M.O.W.)

Women of all ages gathering with the purpose of edifying the body through personal and relational experiences. Together women explore, nurture and pass on their skills through practical exercises which developed faith and strengthen fellowship inside and outside the Ascension faith community.

member2opAscension Mother's Board

Senior women of Ascension nurture the faith community by striving to keep in contact with all of our members and aid them in becoming involved in the ministries available for their own grow and spiritual care. It supports the pastor in spring confirmation classes, retreats, sending postcards to individuals who are absent for several weeks, help keep an up-to-date directory, contact our college students, send birthday cards to members, serve communion to shut-ins and have intercessory prayer sessions.

music_opMinistry of Music

The Music ministry, through singing and the playing of instruments amplify God’s Word as it is proclaimed in worship each week. Music at Ascension Fellowship Church expresses our joy in God's love, enhances worship, enriches church members young and old, and serves as an inspiring vehicle for community outreach. The music ministry at Ascension Fellowship Church includes choirs and groups. Participation in the music ministry is open to any who feel there are spiritually gifted or led to join.


Ascension Fellowship Church has been called to tell the gospel store or evangelize. Every member is responsible for helping the congregation in its ministry to the community and to the world in sharing the story of Christ, salvation and restoration. It works within the context of outreach activities, welcoming of visitors, and spiritual renewal activities. The core of this program is for each member to have encouraged at least two people to begin or rekindle a faith journey within the calendar year. We call it, “Put Two in the Pew Next to You.”

Mission Possible

On behalf of the church, the Mission Committee delivers care for the sick, feeding the hungry, befriending the outcast while spreading the Gospel message are its focus. Through its many mission efforts, the mission committee seeks to serve those within the local church, community, country and into the world.

children grouped together and smilingAscension's Children Team (A.C.T.)

Spiritual education and nurturing is critical for our children’s well being. Through A.C.T. dedicated and responsible volunteers plan, vision, and advocate on behalf of the Children of Ascension and the greater community. The team encourages and empowers the spiritual development of our youth and with a personal relationship with God.  Utilizing various spiritual and secular organized activities for nurture and growth make life fun and beneficial for our children's journey.

picnic7Care Ministry

Ascension cares about those that are in challenging environments such as home bound, hospitalization, and incarcerated. Our care ministry supports people who desire connection with the body of Christ in the mist of illness, loneliness, grieving, new to the area, new parents, or experiencing other stresses in life. Through this vehicle, we visit those in need providing confidential, one-on-one, Christ-centered care focusing on the unique needs of each person. Ascension Fellowship strives to provide Biblical guidance and support for those walking through crisis.

health-opUrban Church Wellness (UCW)

Milwaukee churches covenant to promote wellness through health education and screening. This collaboration takes advantage of health education, health screening and health promotion activities of the partnership and of Columbia St. Mary’s. Urban Church Wellness will make many healthcare services available, including mammography screening, colorectal cancer screening, cooking classes, nutritional education, diabetes education, assistance regarding advance care directives, and development of programs suggested by the health liaison volunteers and the community. Strong Baby is a program under UCW. Here, city elders, health officials and the faith community to expand our focus to the top two most preventable causes of infant death in Milwaukee: premature births and safe sleep. The collective goal is to continue to help more infants celebrate their first birthday.

Black Marriage Week

“Black Marriage Week” is a marriage education initiative promoting the benefits of marriage in the black community. According to its founder, Nisa Isola Muhammad, all over the country on the last Sunday in March, African American marriage activists commit to changing the black community by proclaiming that marriage matters to the black community. Through marriage awareness seminars, enrichment activities, and re-commitment ceremonies marriage activists work to reclaim the marriage partnership as part of the legacy and future of black empowerment. This program was born in an effort to mobilize couples to demonstrate their support for marriage. By renewing their marriage vows during a national celebration of marriage, their actions focus attention on the institution of marriage as a key building block of family, community, churches, country, and civilization. But this day is not only to celebrate an institution within the black community but to highlight the benefits of this institution. Research shows that married people live longer, maintain better health, succeed more in careers and income, feel more fulfilled in their lives, report satisfying sexual relations, and have happier, better disciplined, and more successful children. Making a special day to observe the benefits of an institution based on black love has the potential to revitalize the black community that is suffering from poverty, bad health, depression, poor relationships, and much more. For the black church, this day is a sacred day wherein the true benefits of marriage, which seem to be a well-kept secret from the black community, is shared as good news to those who have either invested in or those who desire happy and successful marriages.

Living Singles

Single individuals gather to fellowship and to discuss topics that are unique to the single lifestyle. All gatherings seek to prevent loneliness and affirm this lifestyle. Respecting that the single season can change; the objective is to fulfill God’s purpose. In fulfilling God’s purpose, singles strive to reach beyond Ascension Fellowship in order to edify, strengthen, and encourage one another. Using their gifts and graces, singles powerfully display a leadership that demonstrates God’s grace on mind, body and soul as they embrace living single.